Crisis Management

Yarbrough Strategic Advisors

Often, our data preservation efforts come up against problems that need resolving fast. Our eDiscovery team constantly works diligently with your litigation team in an attempt to minimize certain debilitating instances with crisis management plans. All the while they are recognizing the needs of the client. We make crisis management reports readily available to thos ethat require them. This is another significant cost factor that can be reduced in the event of litigation. Be aware that our eDiscovery and Compliance teams are here to ensure the minimization of crisis occurrences and plan to afford constatnt protection amd make available full transparency.

Our team has in excess of 100 years of combined experience in the management of financial, forensic, full investigative and business intelligence work. Plenty of reasons to promote an attitude of gratitude of course!
business intelligence

We are pleased to maintain the protection of your competitive edge and keep your corporate secrets safe and out of the wrong hands.

Our TSCM practice specializes in the   prevention, detection and deter technologies and techniques that are used to unlawfully gain unauthorized access to any client intellectual and personal property.

Furthermore, the YSA Electronic Countermeasures team is busy managing sweeps for organizations, companies, law firms and also private individuals. We specialize in all electronic eavesdropping detection, bug sweeps, anti-surveillance services, wiretap detection, covert camera detection, communications security (COMSEC) and technical security. Be assured that our goal of each sweep is performed to identify any existing security breaches or any potential weaknesses in your technical and communications security systems and to recommend high level corrective action to fully neutralize and mitigate any

Also, our TSCM sweeps consist of fully detailed, intense and totally invasive activities, that are in support of a process that is, as you will see:

    * Forensically-led to achieve every Client's

 security objectives 

* Comprehensive and very prompt to
minimize all disruption

* Discrete, to fully avoid raising any suspicion or
potentially tipping off an unauthorized third party



Electronic Countermeasures

Corporate Investigations

YSA's team of long term seasoned licensed private investigators, their former Federal prosecutors, and all U.S.Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are highly skillful interviewers with long proven abilities in uncovering deeply concealed evidence. We have successfully led complex, high-profile investigations into a wide variety of cases. These include employer sanctions, fraud cases, immigration, intellectual property theft, corporate compliance, financial fraud instances, compliance for federal investigations all, theft of important corporate trade secrets and all data breaches. Our expert team has received high honors for their outstanding work from the likes of heads of foreign states, the FBI, Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security and more. YSA has all the resources and full expertise counsel needs.

Corporate investigations can often require intimate knowledge of certain business processes and a good understanding of corporate structure. We know that the stakes are high.

At YSA, we always utilize a comprehensive investigative approach into everything to assess each situation, fully understand the facts and gather comprehensive evidence to formulate an effective and robust resolution strategy. Combining the team of forensic accountants, IT and computer forensic experts and corporate business consultants with its effective and unique methodology, YSA brings the technology and experience that is necessary to resolve a case efficiently and accurately. We can do this while operating completely within the law and also your company policies.  If you need to go to trial with this evidence provided, we also include top-flight legal support andg expert testimony.

Surveillance, in addition to undercover operations and records analysis, usually and often produces surprising results in a surprisingly short time.  Over a great deal of time, we have saved many of our clients literally millions of dollars through comprehensive loss prevention.

We are also able to provide guidance on how you can reduce such losses in the future.